Bios: Brock Dolman is a permaculture professional, the founder of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, and a lifelong campaigner for restoring Beaver across North America. Brock weaves his knowledge of natural and indigenous water management systems into his campaigns for restoring beaver, and protecting California’s rural areas from drought, flood and fire.

Kate is a conservationist, educator, ecological artist and wildland tender. Kate collaborates with landowners, communities, conservation organizations and resource agencies to repair and protect their watersheds and local species. She is the co-director of the OAEC, and the Bring Back the Beaver campaign in Sonoma County.

Talk Name: Beaver Rewilding for Planet Water

Description: In this talk, Beaver champions Brock Dolman and Kate Lundquist share how beavers can play a vital role in fighting climate change, reversing drought, and restoring lost ecosystems.

With case studies guides, they show how beavers could be our greatest friends in reversing and stabilizing ecological breakdown.