Bio: For over 25 years Minni Jain has been working with communities to regenerate their landscapes and lives. As Operations Director of the Flow Partnership she works on community-led management of floods and droughts using simple, low-cost traditional methods. She coordinates Waterways World– a practical water school of landscape regeneration skills and methods to achieve replenishment of the world’s water bank and has also helped set up the One Pond Fund to enable communities worldwide to resource their water projects.

Talk Name: The Language of Water

Description: John has witnessed the restoration of vast landscapes across the world, from the Leoss Plateu in China, to forests in Ethiopia and Uganda, and villages in Portugal.  If humanity is to survive the 21st century, we must all take part, and support the work of Ecosystem Restoration.   

In this talk, John shares how you can take part in the Great Work of Our Time: Restoring our Ecosystems and Our Climate.