Bio: Neal Spackman is an internationally recognized pioneer of hyperarid agroforestries. He was cofounder and Director of the Al Baydha Project in Saudi Arabia, where he lived and worked with tribes of bedouin to convert deserts into savannahs. Currently Neal directs Regenerative Resources Company, which creates global projects for creating productive coastal ecosystems and economies with mangrove planting. Neal is a Stanford Business School graduate and the cofounder of the Sustainable Design Masterclass.

Talk Name: Regenerative Seawater Aquaculture: Creating Regenerative Circular Economies


What if a large portion of our food needs could be grown with Seawater?  

This is the revolutionary, proven concept presented by Neal Spackman and his company, Regenerative Resources.  

In this talk, Neal reveals how Mangrove reforestation, along with aquaculture, and seawater plant agriculture could create thriving coastal economies, while restoring marine ecosystems.