Bio: Dr. Rajendra Singh is the founder of Tarun Bharat Sangh, and is known across the world as “The Waterman of India”. Starting as a doctor in rural Rajasthan 35 years ago, he saw how health problems were caused by drought, so he changed his focus to restoring ecosystems. 35 years later, his work and foundation has revived 7 rivers, restored water for a million people, and created tens of thousands of water bodies. He was awarded the Stockholm Water Prize in 2015.

Talk Name: Bringing back Water in Rajasthan: Restoring Rivers and Hope

Description: Dr. Rajendra Singh set out to help a small village in rural Rajasthan.  He was told by a village elder the greatest way he could help was to bring back water, so he dug a small dam.  30 years later, Rajendra’s organization has restored 7 rivers and restored water for a million people.  In this talk, learn his approach and the wisdom of decentralized water management.